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    Daisies & Plumeti

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    Dahlia trench | Topshop knit | Topshop shorts | Dim panties | André shoes| Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Les Néréides necklace |  Ralph Lauren sunnies

    Secrets des Coquettes 006

    Les Néréides Butterfly ring & Ladybug ring |  L’Oréal Scarlet Vamp nailpolish

    Secrets des Coquettes 005 Secrets des Coquettes 007 Secrets des Coquettes 008 Last Friday, I met my bestie for lunch at Magasand, next to El Retiro Park in Madrid. Fortunately, I convinced her to take a walk around the park and take some pictures to show you my outfit of the day… in exchange for a delicious dessert (how sneaky am I!). It looked like as if it were going to rain (which, in fact, it did later in the evening), so I wore a trench coat and close-toed ankle booties. Interestingly enough my darlings, you now can also find peep-toe ankle boots. I always wear my sunnies, rain or shine, because that white light that comes through the clouds on gloomy days bothers my eyes. Besides, they are the perfect accessory to finish off a fabulous outfit! The delicacy and elegance of the sleeves, necklace and ring along with the scalloped hem of the shorts, and the plumeti tights is what I most like about my outfit. As you already know, I love all things romantic.

    Coming soon are the two Christmas videos that are left and the Coquette Box – I won’t make you wait any longer! 

    Have a happy Thursday!